This book documents Fats Waller's on-air appearances from his first known broadcast in 1923 at age nineteen, to the final airing before his premature death in 1943. The broadcasts are covered in detail with dates, times, songs played, and other artists who appeared on the programs.

Through descriptions from contemporary newspapers and magazines, accounts from individuals who were in attendance, and remarks by radio announcers from original transcripts, Fats Waller on the Air provides historical perspective and a sense of the character and feel of the broadcasts. The book also offers a timechart of early sound recording and previously unpublished photographs. A fully revised Discography covers 78 and 45 rpm issues, transcriptions, Lps, CDs, and DVDs.

Published by Scarecrow Press in 2006
No.50 in the Studies In Jazz series
ISBN 0-8108-5656-5

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Fats Waller eBook

I have compiled an eBook Fats Waller on the Air: The Radio Broadcasts which has all the data from the printed book published in 2006 (but not including the Discography) with a large number of additions and corrections previously available on the former web site as a separate pdf file.

The eBook photos are reproduced in much higher quality and I have added additional Waller photos of interest. A new section has a list of animated cartoons which include a character based on Fats Waller.

The eBook in Adobe PDF format is 230 pages plus, and about a 22 MB download. The first edition dated 15 April 2020 may be downloaded gratis here.

Please check for updates at or if this is no longer active please send email.

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Fats Waller Discography

If you have already bought the book, or have access to a library copy, I can offer the latest updated Fats Waller Ultimate Discography at a discount price of US$8 only (50% off the normal price of US$16). Simply send me an email with the first word on Page 70 in the printed book (not the eBook).


"Fats" In Fact book update

Since the publication in 1992 of "Fats" In Fact [Storyville Publications, England], an excellent bio-discography of Fats Waller by Laurie Wright, I have kept a scrapbook"Additions and Corrections" file for the book. Although some of the updates are duplicated elsewhere, the file may be of interest to those who have Laurie's book, or of general interest, and may be downloaded in Adobe PDF format using the following link.

This update is dated 14 April 2020
"Fats" In Fact Additions and Corrections